Dance Programs Available in Mantua

3-6 year old

Students will develop musicality, coordination, strength, flexibility, dance technique, and body awareness that will help channel their energy and build confidence.

7-9 year old

Students will begin to learn the proper execution of techniques and fundamentals of dance. Students will be introduced to the barre and explore across the floor patterns and dances to keep their creativity and artistry building along with their strength and flexibility.

10-12 year old

Students will continue to enhance their strength and refine their technique with special attention to execution and musicality. Students will also begin connecting terminology and emotion to movement that builds muscle memory and self-esteem.

13-18 year old

Students will continue to strive to connect mind and body through more challenging combinations. Emphasizing on flexibility, precision and attention to detail, musicality, increased artistry and advance technique. All while ensuring the experience is enjoyable, inspiring and socially enriching.

All Boys Class

Guided by a male instructor, we provide a safe space for boys to dance with confidence. Boys will learn popular street style and dance video moves that are fun, exciting, upbeat and entertaining.

Tumble Class

Students will safely learn the execution of acrobatic movements such as rolls, bridges, handsprings, cartwheels, handstands and walk overs on floor mats. Students will also learn how to build strength and control with conditioning exercises throughout class.


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